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Iran Threatens DC
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 19, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

According to an AP report, United States intelligence has discovered that Iran was planning a USS Cole-style attack on Fort McNair.

The intel, which comes from the NSA, the National Security Agency, also indicated that the US Army Vice Chief of Staff was a target.

Fort McNair is in Washington DC. Literally, it is in the nation’s capital. It is in closer proximity to the White house than the Pentagon or the CIA.

Fort McNair is also home to the National Defense University which includes the National War College. Included is the Capstone Program which brings 100 flag officers from 50 countries around the world to learn together.
As a target – it is prime. And that is why it was chosen by Iran.

The USS Cole was a US Navy destroyer situated in the Gulf of Aden in Yemen. In October of 2000 a small rubber boat filled with explosives pulled up alongside the destroyer and blew a huge hole in the ship. 17 sailors were killed.

A USS Cole-style attack is an attack against a significant US military target, This was a very serious threat.

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21 March 2021 11:24 PM in Thoughts

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