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Problems in Jordan
By Micah Halpern

Monday April 5, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Jordanís crown prince, the Kingís half-brother Hamsa bin Hussein, was put under house arrest. An investigation against him was opened.

The visit by the head of the army to the home of the crown prince was made public for the entire country to witness. Everyone needed to see that King Abdullah does not tolerate any challenge to his leadership.

The crime Crown Prince Hamsa bin Hussein committed was posting an on-line serious critique of Jordanian leadership claiming that it was corrupt.

The back story is that, not too long ago, Prince Hamsa was removed from the line of succession after attempting to position himself for the kingship and maybe even ousting his half-brother King Abdullah.

When King Abdullah discovered Hamsaís newest challenge to his leadership, the Kingís hand was forced and he had to act to make an example.

The story is still developing. There are rumors being spread that the situation between these brothers is on the mend. Hamsa publicly signed a letter pledging support to the King.

There is little tolerance in Jordan for those who challenge the king. House arrest is getting off easy.

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6 April 2021 08:09 PM in Thoughts

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