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Plans to Attack Iran
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday July 13, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

The Hebrew media lit up over preliminary discussions on the budget.

The budget line that drew everyone’s attention was a request by the IDF for billions of shekel to be used to plan for and defend Israel against Iran.

Billions of shekel is quite a lot of money. The obvious question we must ask is: why was there was no allocation to deal with Iran set aside up until now? It’s no secret that Iran is a large and looming threat.

It appears that until this moment, until this budget discussion, Israel has not been totally prepared to strike and defend itself from Iran.

I find that frightening.

To clarify, there always were and there continues to be plans for old style attacks against Iran - especially assassinating nuclear scientists and sabotaging nuclear labs and centers. And we cannot forget that Israel smuggled out the Iranian nuclear archives. But as remarkable and as successful as smuggling that archive was – it is still old school.

Israel needs new school solutions. Kudos to the IDF for bringing this pressing need to the forefront of budget discussions.

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16 July 2021 12:05 AM in Thoughts

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