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Iran Enriching Uranium
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday July 14, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

If you had any doubt that Iran was going to limit their uranium enrichment, the outgoing president of Iran removed all doubts. Rather than limit uranium enrichment, Iran will do exactly the opposite.

President Hassan Rouhani told his cabinet that "Iran's Atomic Energy Organization can enrich uranium by 20% and 60% and if one day our reactor needs it, it can enrich uranium to 90% purity.

All this was reported in Mehr media, an official Iranian new outlet.

The percentages Rouhani spoke of are way above the 3.67% agreed upon in the famous nuke deal and the 20% permitted in research.

Iran is planning to move into nuclear technology. That is obvious. There is no way that they will walk back their enrichment numbers. Obtaining and then providing nuclear weapons to others is important to Iran.

Iran will continue to enrich uranium and continue their march toward nuclear weapons.

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16 July 2021 12:06 AM in Thoughts

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