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By Micah Halpern

Wednesday June 27, 2007


Hamas may have won an election, but HAMAS IS NOT a political party.
Political parties, by necessity, engage in give and take, in compromise. Hamas will not compromise.
What is Hamas? HAMAS IS a purely ideological, religious extremist, terrorist organization.

Hamas may have won a civil war in Gaza, but HAMAS IS NOT a great military force.
What is Hamas? HAMAS IS the larger lout with more weapon-toting fighters.

HAMAS IS an organization that knows how to prioritize.
Priority number one is to destroy Israel.
Priority number two is to create an Islamic state in Gaza.

HAMAS IS a very successful organization with very well defined vision and behavioral objectives and a mission statement that has been transmitted loud and clear, across the board, to both friends and foes.
Objective number one is for women to dress modestly
Objective number two is for Christians to remain closed off behind their walls.

HAMAS IS NOT suited for leadership.
Here is a case in point:
Several weeks ago, when Hamas and Fatah were united in government and Hamas was the majority party, a deal was signed with a British energy company to engage in offshore drilling on the Mediterranean coast of Gaza. This week Hamas announced that they are walking away from the deal. Hamas will not challenge Fatah for the gas drilling rights or revenues.

Fatah can have it all - all the profits, all future investments.
What does this prove? It proves that HAMAS DOES NOT care about enterprise, Hamas cares about ideology.
It proves that HAMAS DOES NOT want to get involved in the nitty gritty of leadership.

The decision sounds ridiculous and in another world, it would be. But decision making and problem solving and political analysis Hamas-style is nothing like Western-thinking-style. In the world of Hamas it makes perfect sense. No matter that Hamas now owns 100% of Gaza and the Mediterranean coast and Fatah owns O%, booted out, evicted, told never to return except under direct Hamas rule. Fatah gets it all.

Why does Hamas not grab it all? Why doesn't Hamas make the logical leap and accept the drilling revenues and use it to fund their own religious extremism? Why? The answer is that it does not fit comfortably into the religious ideology of Hamas. The answer is that HAMAS DOES NOT care that this deal could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Religious ideologues are lining up behind Hamas.
Ahmadinejad of Iran has just come out and called Arab leaders traitors because they embrace Western and Zionist agendas rather than supporting Hamas against Zionists and the West. "You want to placate them?" asks Ahmadinejad, meaning Zionists and the West, "try placating Allah."
Ayman Zawahiri, better known as the number two man to al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden and an Egyptian physician turned terrorist leader is calling for Muslims around the world to unite behind Hamas.

Al Qaeda wants Hamas to win. Al Qaeda wants to topple non-Islamic regimes and replace them with Islamic governments. There is a nexus between Hamas and al Qaeda. Al Qaeda loves Hamas, they are truly of one mind. Just read the al Qaeda web site and you will see it. Listen to what Zawahiri has to say and you will understand.

"Taking over power is not a goal but a means to implement God's word on earth."
"Provide them (Hamas) with money, do your best to get it there, break the siege imposed on them by Crusaders and Arab leader traitors."
"Facilitate weapons smuggling from neighboring countries."
"We can support them (Hamas) by targeting the Crusader and Zionist interest wherever we can."
And this last quote:
"Unite with mujahedeen (fighters) in Palestine, with all mujahedeen in the world, in the face of the upcoming attack where Egyptians and Saudis are expected to play part of it."
It is very important to note here that Zawahiri, and by extension Hamas, lumps Egyptians and Saudis with Zionists and the West - they are all the enemy.

Hamas should never have been allowed to run for election, but they did.
Once they won Fatah should have crushed them, but Fatah could not.

HAMAS IS a very successful organization that is now successfully tearing apart the rest of the Arab world.
And you know what, HAMAS IS NOT the least bit concerned.

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4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Columns

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