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Hamas TV Again
By Micah Halpern


Sunday August 26, 2007

I've Been Thinking:

Hamas TV is at it again, they are using children's TV to teach hatred.
And once again Hamas has borrowed material from Walt Disney. First, it was Mickey Mouse. Next, it was a Buzzing Bumble. Now it is the Lion King.

Hamas is the Lion and, according to this story, rats are trying to take over Gaza. The rats, of course are Fatah. They are conniving and they are thieves. For extra impact, Hamas has even used a voice over from Mohamed Dahlan, the former Fatah strong man of Gaza.

As the story proceeds the rats are swarming and nervous, but the Lion is calm. The Lion pounces and the rats all limp away. In the final memorable scene, Hamas the Lion sits proudly on the mountain top, the wind blowing through his mane as he looks out at his kingdom.

What's really going on here? Hamas is using PR for damage control, and they are actually being very creative as they try to resurrect their image.
So why did they rip off Lion King? Because, according to Hamas, Disney took the lion out of the jungle and Hamas took it to Palestine.
So far, Hamas has also only aired the piece once, as a trial run. Next time it airs they will drop the Dahlan voice over.

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