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Iran and the US Discuss Iraq
By Micah Halpern

Thursday March 6, 2008

I've Been Thinking:

IRNA, the official press mouthpiece of Iran, has just issued a special report.
IRNA reports that an Iranian military delegation arrived in Iraq Wednesday for its 4th meeting with American and Iraqi military representatives as part of a committee that discusses security in Iraq.

The United States denies that there is such a committee.
The Iraqis are non-committal.
The Iranians proudly proclaim it.

It might be an unpopular idea, but a committee like this can really produce results. Low level practical negotiations between the US and Iran - especially on practical issues like security in Iraq - are very important.

Iran has a vested interest in Iraq as does the United States.
The United States needs to gather important, on the ground, practical understanding of Iran and the way in which Iran is approaching Iraq.

If all 3 sides can come together to create some sort of agreement on safety this may be a giant step towards stability. Even if the agreement is only partially adhered to, it will be a significant improvement in dealings with Iraq. And yes, I realize that another element of Iran's leadership and military is sponsoring terror in Iraq but sometimes the two seemingly contradictory objectives must be separated.

In the end, because of these talks, Iraq might just be a safer place for Iraqis.

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