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Russia Sells Missiles To Syria
By Micah Halpern

Saturday September 18, 2010

I've Been Thinking:

A very disturbing meeting took place in the Pentagon yesterday involving Russian Defense Minister Anatoli Serdyukov.

Pentagon officials raised serious questions about a 2007 deal that Russia had signed with Syria. Included in the agreement is the delivery of P-800 missiles to Syria. In Russia the P-800 is called the Yakhont which means ruby. Actually, that is the slang or street name for the missile, officially, it is called the Onyx OHNKC.

P-800 missiles are extremely useful and efficient and are a staple of the Russian weapons trade arsenal. Selling them to Syria is a serious issue because this missile will significantly improve the Syrian defense system.

P-800 missiles can also be used offensively which means it can easily attack US and Israeli targets from land, air, sea and sub. The missile is 30 feet long, has a war head of 660 pounds and a 22 miles range. It can fly as low as18 ft above the ground and has a radar seeking war head.

Serdyukov was quoted in ITAR-TASS news agency Friday saying:
"We will supply Yakhont to Syria, we will fulfill the contract."

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