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Mass Murder Cold & Ugly
By Micah Halpern

Sunday March 13, 2011

I've Been Thinking:

What kind of man brutally murders a 3 month old baby? What kind of activist stabs an infant to death?

And murders a 4 year old Israeli named Eldad and his 11 year old brother Yoav. And their parents.

This crime ranks with the most gory of all murders in the Western world. These murderers are so obsessed with their political goals that the lives of anyone outside their circle, children included, are thought of only as targets to be destroyed.

These terrorist are members of a cult. These terrorists are brainwashed. These terrorists are taught that Jewish lives are not human lives. They are taught that Jewish life does not have the same worth.

Charles Manson and his murderous group terrorized in the same way. They brutally murdered families in the name of their cause. And the terrorists were so obsessed by their cause that they did not even understand that mass murder was wrong.

There will be people who justify the actions of these terrorists and celebrate the murders. People who hand out candy and who take pictures of themselves rejoicing in the murder of children.

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4 June 2017 12:13 PM in Thoughts

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