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Russian Chess Chief Speaks to Ghadaffi
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday August 24, 2011

I've Been Thinking:

On Tuesday, head of Russian Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov announced that Muammar Ghaddafi had told him by telephone that he was still in Tripoli, alive and well, and had no plans to leave the city.

On a recent visit to Libya Ilyumzhinov met with Ghadaffi. The Russian representative visited during the NATO bombing campaign.

According to Ghadaffi's eldest son Mohammad, he came to talk about the situation and relay messages to and from the Russian government.
Ilyumzhinov said that he had called Ghadaffi by telephone on Tuesday afternoon and they spoke. He said that the former leader of Libya sounded as if he was gearing up for a fight.

This is an important message. Ghadaffi has not been seen in public or on tape since a television appearance on June 21. Now we have the word of a very distinguished Russian official that Ghadaffi is in Tripoli and is during well.
We shall see.

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