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Olympics & Ramadan
By Micah Halpern

Monday May 28, 2012

I've Been Thinking:

The Olympics begin in London on July 27 in London.

The world is revving up - but Muslim athletes are in a real quandary.

This year Ramadan begins on July 20 and ends August 18. Ramadan is a month long fast. Muslims fast during the day and eat at night. For workouts and competitions and in order to maximize energy, output and strength, an athlete must east.

So what is a Muslim athlete to do?

One or two have said that they will delay their fast. Islamic law permits a Muslim to delay their Ramadan fast and make it up any time through the 8th month - the month before the next Ramadan. Provided, of course, the postponement is for a valid reason.

The reason cited in the texts is sickness. Muslim Olympic athletes will have to inquire whether their prep and competition is a valid reason to delay their fast. They are certainly healthy now, but they could cause grave damage to themselves if they fasted while continuing their regimen.

The athletes who compete in Olympic Games bring great honor to Islam and that, in and of itself, is often reason for a valid exception in Islamic law.

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