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Obama Invites Morsi
By Micah Halpern

Monday July 9, 2012

I've Been Thinking:

Israel is livid as are both sides of the aisle in Congress and Democratic and Republican supporters of Israel.

The White House is inviting the newly elected Egyptian president to the White House in September. The invitation was delivered to Morsi by Deputy Secretary of State William Burns at the conclusion of two days of conferencing in Egypt.

Why such an uproar about an invite? Because this invite disregards direct promises made to American Jewish leaders, Israelis leaders and congressional leaders. President Obama directly told them all that there were certain conditions that had to be set in place before the US opened the final stage of acceptance to Morsi and Egypt.

Those stages include a public proclamation about the Egyptian peace treaty with Israel. They include dialing down the anti-Christian, anti-minority violence and rhetoric. They include liberalizing women's rights.

This invitation was extended to Egypt as a way to counter the Iranian invitation to visit Teheran in August - an invitation Morsi has not yet accepted.

Call it a diplomatic mistake. Call it a serious mess. Call it what it is - amateur maneuvering by a country that should know better.

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