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Crisis in Egypt - - - Soon
By Micah Halpern

Saturday June 22, 2013

I'm Predicting:

The situation is now at the point of near crisis in Egypt. Morsi is barely holding on to his regime and secular masses are starting to organize.

The secularists are pinning their hopes on a political climax set for June 30th at an enormous rally they have planned.

Thus far 15 million people have signed a petition to oust Morsi and hold new elections. The letter only began circulating 3 weeks ago and has caught on like wildfire.

The number 15 million is important.
The organizers wanted to exceed 13.2 million and they have done so with ease. 13.2 was their goal number because it is the number of votes that Morsi received in the presidential election.

Everything related to the rally is high energy.
There is a new Android app that makes fun of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. It shows the followers of Morsi as sheep, blindly following the leader. A campaign worker is seen walking the streets collecting signatures. In the background is music and speeches of Morsi that point out the contradictions and gaffs and political mistakes he has made. The campaign worker runs over as many sheep as possible.

The Muslim Brotherhood has also organized a rally. But there has been little real response to their effort.

I do not envision an all out civil war in Egypt like there is in Syria. But I do expect to see serious violence in the streets and I definitely anticipate that the demonstrations will get out of hand.

There is plenty of pent up frustration. As the political and emotional heat rises, so do tempers and violence.

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