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Jordan's War On Terror
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday November 16, 2005

I've Been Thinking:

At this very moment, by example, the Jordanians are leading the War Against Terror.
The Jordanian response to the horror that took innocent lives is singular and unique in the Arab/Muslim world.

The government immediately went about capturing any remaining terrorists.
The female terrorist they caught was put on public media display.
She was presented to the rest of the Muslim world as cold and murderous, a person who can look straight into the eyes of children, women, men, party revelers and push a button that would kill them all.

The response has been a public Jordanian outcry against the acts.
Jordanians have taken to the streets shouting that murdering innocents is wrong.

Of course, there are still voices that say that it was Israel that perpetrated the attack, but by and large the Jordanians are rejecting the untruths and the horrors.

This is the only way to win the War Against Terror.
Local people have to step forward and say NO.
When local governments, like the Jordanians, help the people - that's great.
When they don't, we in the West must empower local citizens, we must show the way and give them the strength to step forward and shout out against terror.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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