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What A Mistake!
By Micah Halpern

Saturday November 26, 2005

I've Been Thinking:

The assassin responsible for the murder of an Israeli Cabinet minister is declaring his candidacy for the Palestinian Parliament.
Ahmed Saadat, the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) said he as a "gimmick."

Saadat is currently in prison in Jericho. Originally, a Palestinian court convicted him and two others for the 2001 assassination of Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi in a Jerusalem hotel. A higher court has since over-ruled the conviction but Saadat and his associates remain in the Jericho jail for fear that Israel will target them...

So, yes, there is the gimmick. Saadat thinks that if he gets elected Israel will not track him down.

This is a serous miscalculation.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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