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Iran in Gaza
By Micah Halpern

Friday February 2, 2007

I'm Predicting:

For 18 months I have been maintaining that Iran is trying to infiltrate Palestinian culture and religious life.

Most analysts disagreed with my thinking. After all, how could Shiite Iran infiltrate the Sunni Palestinian Authority? Hamas might take Iranian money and share Iran's point of view on the United States and Israel, but that was where it stopped.

Well, yesterday seven Iranians were arrested in Gaza. They were student organizers at the Islamic University, a Hamas haven. One of the seven even committed suicide during the course of arrest. One was an Iranian general.

Why were the Iranians at the Islamic University? To guide and to train Hamas:
Against Fatah - Hamas needs to fight better and be more highly motivated.
Against Israel - Hamas needs better guerilla tactics and long term strategies like kidnapping soldiers.
Against Egypt - Hamas is being pressured by Egypt and needs to know that Iran is behind them.

Iran is a much bigger player than we give them credit for.
Iran's influence is everywhere.

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