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Israel US Tensions Emerge
By Micah Halpern

Friday April 3, 2009

I've Been Thinking:

Much, probably too much, has been said about the emerging tensions between the new Israeli government and the new Obama administration.

Whatever does or does not happen, it is important to realize that all issues of mutual interest between the United States and Israel are now and will remain secure. Mutual interests between the countries have been grounded in a very powerful and unshakeable foundation.

Even under the best of situations, tensions emerge. Tensions existed between the Olmert/Bush government, between the Sharon/Bush government, between the Barak/Clinton government and even between the Netanyahu/Clinton government.
Tensions between governments rarely significantly impact on important issues. Think of them as blips on the diplomatic radar.

The reality is that the very reservations that the Netanyahu government is articulating have already been articulated back in DC by members of Congress.
The reality is that Obama's advisers know full well the limitations of the parties in Israeli/Palestinian negotiations.

Washington can wish for it, but until there is a sincere Palestinian leadership, a leadership with power and backbone, there cannot be a viable Palestinian government.
Wishing will not make it happen.

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