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Unrest in Iran - Again
By Micah Halpern

Monday December 28, 2009

I'm Predicting:

Unrest in Iran, again.

The government of Iran is doing a very good job at cracking down on reportage in all media in all languages, so it is hard to get a real feel for what is happening, but ...

The people of Iran have a new reason to protest, to march and to revolt.
The people of Iran have a new cause and a new leader, he is the Ayatollah Montazeri.

Unlike last summer's elections, mobilizing for Montazeri is perfect.
The Ayatollah is dead, he is immune from persecution - but he has left behind a written legacy that touches on almost every aspect of Iranian political and religious life.

The next few days will be critical.
If the groundswell around Montazeri's death, mystique and isolation at the hands of the current regime continues to grow ...
If the number of marches and marchers on Montazeri's posthumous behalf continue to grow day by day ...
We may have a revolution afoot in Iran.

Now, we sit back, we watch, we wait.

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