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Will There Be A New Status Quo?
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday May 11, 2010

I'm Predicting:

The discussion about Iran's potential nuclear weapons has generated concern that Israel's secret nuclear program will be drawn into the cross hairs of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA.

Iran argues that fairness requires that Israel must be put under the microscope.
The US administration has announced its own vision for a nuclear free Middle East.
Experts are frightened.

The concern is that this new US vision will change the status quo of the Middle East. If the status quo changes, the safety of Israel and of the entire Middle East may be in the balance.

The concern looks to be unfounded. It seems to me that despite the announcements and the pronouncements, the IAEA is not re evaluating their understanding of Israel's nuclear program.

For the sake of the region and for the sake of the world I hope that the IAEA keeps away from Israel.

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