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Next In Libya
By Micah Halpern

Sunday March 21, 2011

I'm Predicting:

The UN and their forces instituted and applied the No Fly Zone over Libya. They approved strikes against Libyan targets that support the air force. And the international force has already struck Libya.
What will happen next?

Ghadaffi is far from out of the picture - actually, this maneuver by the UN played right into his hands. Ghadaffi used the international bombing to cover his own bombing of Benghazi.

The more deranged the West believes Ghadaffi to be, the more mistaken they are and the more easy it becomes for the Libyan thug to carry out his plans. Ghadaffi is unstable and ludicrous. He is also very sharp and critical. He possesses the ability to understand threats and to respond. Ghadaffi evaluates his own strength and finds the weakness of his enemies.

Most of all, Muammar Ghadaffi is enormously charismatic. The charisma is what speaks to the Libyan masses.

It is almost impossible to tell how many Libyans are on each side in this upheaval, but it should be made perfectly clear that there are serious numbers on Ghadaffi's side ... some say far more than half.

The opposition can tell us that only mercenaries side with Ghadaffi, but that seems not to be the truth and only serves to advance their motives and actions.

This story is much bigger than what we are seeing and it is much more complicated with many more ramifications than we assume it to be.
And it is much more dangerous.

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4 June 2017 12:13 PM in Predictions

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