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Travel Schedules Tell All
By Micah Halpern

Sunday July 8 , 2012

I'm Predicting:

I try to monitor the movements of world leaders, their actions provide a key to predicting future decisions and events. Knowing the travel schedules of world leaders allows me to see trends and shifting alliances between nations.

President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt will be travelling to Saudi Arabia this week. The trip was announced by the Saudi ambassador to Cairo and came as no surprise. This will be Morsi's first foreign visit as president and it portends well.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be visiting Iran at the end of August. That visit does not portend well.

Abbas accepted an invitation by Iran to attend the Non-Aligned Pact Conference. This is important. Palestinian leadership has expressed serious doubt about the current direction world powers are taking. The Palestinians are not happy with their their status in the hierarchy and they are not happy with priorities set by the United States.

US Secretary of State Clinton met with Abbas in Paris this past Friday and will meet with him again next week in Ramallah. But that is not enough access for the Palestinians because it is not bearing fruit.

The Non-Aligned Pact meets just before the UN General Assembly convenes in September. I guarantee that at the Non-Aligned Pact Conference the Palestinians will set the stage for another massive public act aimed at embarrassing the United States at the General Assembly.

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