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The New Middle East
By Micah Halpern

Saturday March 30, 2013

I'm Predicting:

Al Jazeera is reporting that 5 simultaneous bombs exploded in Iraq killing 18 and wounding well over 100 people. All the bombs were placed near Shiite mosques and the plan was to murder as many Shiites as possible en route to Friday prayers.

The increase of violence in Iraq has been virtually unreported in the West. There is almost no interest in what happens there anymore. The main reason for this is the famous cliche "out of sight out of mind."

The fact that the United States is no longer in Iraq means that Americans have no real interest in covering this fast emerging anarchy.

One would have hoped that Iraq would have learned a lesson in peaceful coexistence after so much US money, training, weapons, aid, military manpower and so many professional agencies spent so much effort that internal tribal and inter-religious conflicts would subside and that Iraqis would work together in order to rebuild their country and live together rather than reverting to the primal desire for one group to murder another.

But that just is not the case.

Imagine - if this is happening in Iraq, what is going to happen in Libya and Egypt and in Syria and Tunisia.

I am not hopeful about a new Arab Middle East. Not hopeful at all.
I foresee much more death and internal killings before these countries and their citizens settle down and build non-confrontational, non-threatening, quality lives for themselves.

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