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Yesterday Was a Bad Day
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday April 19, 2016

I've Been Thinking:

Yesterday, after the terror attack that rocked Jerusalem, an announcement glorifying the attack came out of Gaza.

Not a surprise.

The terror attack came right after Israel announced that they had discovered a terror tunnel from Gaza that opened into Israel. The tunnel was 100 feet deep.

Hamas and Gaza also issued a press statement, also typical. It was a report that five Palestinians had been convicted and sentenced to death for collaborating with Israel. Four of the collaborators were to be hanged and the fifth was to be shot by firing squad.

The five were convicted of informing Israel about the tunnels and telling them where they were located and where Hamas members lived.

There is no doubt that there are hundreds if not thousands of Gazans who relay information to Israel. That information, together with satellite and drone and other intel like computer intel, allows Israel to strike at Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza.

Hamas needs to intimidate their residents and strike fear into them. It is another form of terror - this time directed at their own.

What Hamas does not realize is that the people helping Israel are not just doing it for the money. These assets in Gaza do it because they hate Hamas and think that Hamas is destroying their society.

All the fear and all the terror of Hamas will not change that perception.

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4 June 2017 12:12 PM in Thoughts

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