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Israel Says 3rd Party Hacking Elections
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday January 9, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

The head of Israel's internal Security Service known as the Shin Bet said that a third party country is attempting to influence the Israeli national elections scheduled for April 9.

Nadav Argaman the head of the Shin Bet added that, "[s]hould the need arise, Israel and its community intelligence have the tools and the ability to detect, monitor, and thwart attempts of foreign countries to influence the April elections."

This is important. Israel is constantly the target of cyber attacks. Israel tracks hackers and hacking tools.

Israel is also watching and playing the hacking game with the best hackers in the world. They are playing both sides. They are world class hackers while at the same time they are world class defenders.

Israeli hackers know the weapons that hackers are using and they are on the lookout for the attack and punching back at the hackers.

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11 January 2019 11:15 AM in Thoughts

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