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3Torahs Stolen from Iran
By Micah Halpern

Monday March 4, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Yesterday, Israeli news reported that last Thursday three ancient Torah scrolls were stolen from a synagogue in Teheran.

There is no doubt - the synagogue was burgled and the Torahs were taken.

The synagogue is only one of many Jewish buildings in a compound. There are two Jewish schools, ritual baths and a lab used to check for shatnez - the forbidden blend of wool and linen in clothing.

The scrolls were several hundred years old.

It is still not clear why the Torahs were stolen. The immediate assumption is an act of anti-Semitism. But the real and most probable reason for the theft would be money. Burglars probably stole the three Torahs in order to sell them to a fence who will then sell them to collectors.

Sometimes a burglary, even in a synagogue, is only a burglary.

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5 March 2019 12:36 AM in Thoughts

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