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Abbas Suggests US Force for PA
By Micah Halpern

Sunday March 24, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed students at American University in Ramallah on Saturday. He described his fourth and last meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The meeting he spoke of took place in September of 2017 in New York City on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

During that meeting Abbas proposed a US peace keeping force to serve in the Palestinian state, supplemented by NATO troops. He said that Trump liked the idea.

"I told him that if Israel is worried about its security, I propose bringing US-led NATO troops to Palestine to protect Israel's and our security."

Abbas said that Trump then asked an aide "How many soldiers do we have?"

The official said that the United States has 6,000 soldiers who could be part of the planned NATO force.

"Trump told his aide that this number was not enough, but the soldiers should anyway be ready,” Abbas added. "I told Trump: Mr. President, I don't like war and I don’t believe in war. I believe that if we get our state, I would prefer to build a school than buy a tank, or build a hospital than purchase a warplane. I don’t want weapons. I just want to build my country."

After this exchange Abbas told the students. Trump looked at him and said: "How come they say you’re a terrorist? You are a man of peace."

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25 March 2019 01:34 PM in Thoughts

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