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Iran's HomeMade Fighter Jet
By Micah Halpern

Friday April 19, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Iran flew its first totally, locally, manufactured fighter jet yesterday.

I watched the videos and it showed nothing exceptional.
The Jet is called the Kowsar or Thunderbolt. It is also the name of a section in the Koran.

The Kowsar is based on the US made Northrop F-5. Iran claims that their jet is 4th generation in its technology and that it is capable of jamming all electronic attacks.

It was said that Iran manufactured at least 5 Kowsar jets. They claim 7 but I saw a picture of 5 of them in the factory. Iran is now ready not simply to test, but also to sell them.

The question now is how well this Iranian-made jet stands up against the best US and Russian fighter jets and computer technology.

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23 April 2019 10:26 AM in Thoughts

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