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PA Religious Intolerance
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday June 5, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

At the end of Ramadan, the month of daily fasting, Muslims around the world celebrate. The celebration is called Eid el Fitr.

Because the Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar, based on the moon, and because that calendar has not been fixed or standardized like the Hebrew calendar, the celebration of Ramadan and Eid el Fitr varies from year to year.

Most of the Muslim world celebrates on June 5, but some celebrated on June 4. The cause of the disagreement centers on the question of how they calculate and see the new moon. So the date of the Eid depends on local leadership and their declaration of when the Eid begins.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE started Eid on Tuesday June 4, whereas Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan and Australia and others start today, Wednesday. The Palestinians, also, celebrate on June 5.

That brings me to the photo I saw of Palestinian police beating a Muslim Arab. The victim chose to celebrate the Eid on Tuesday, June 4 instead of Wednesday, June 5. They beat him with heavy four-foot wooden batons. The victim was on the ground.

This is a horrific act - and not simply because of the beating. It demonstrates just how intolerant the Palestinian system is for people who disagree. Where is religious freedom? Where is the protection of this man's rights? Whom did he hurt? Who will be held accountable for this gross violation of human rights?

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6 June 2019 10:20 AM in Thoughts

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