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Bone Headed Thinking
By Micah Halpern

Welcome to The Micah Report, my ruminations on Israel, terror & security and the Middle East as well as politics and world events. Thanks for stopping by.

Farouk Kaddoumi is the current head of Fatah. He, along with Arafat, was one of the founders of Fatah.
Now he is trying to claim his place as the new authentic Palestinian leader.

But listen to this:
He has not stepped foot on either Israeli or Palestinian land for over half a century, not even after Oslo.
Today he said publicly that in order for the Palestinian's to be true to their cause they must not give up their fight against Israel.

This is not progress.

Many Palestinians may agree with him. But in order for the next Palestinian leader to succeed he must be realistic, he must understand that the path toward peace with Israel is the only avenue that will bring the Palestinians any financial future or any future at all as a people.

The Israelis will reach out and embrace a peace partner.
The Israelis will fight a terrorist leader.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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