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Terrorist TV?
By Micah Halpern

Welcome to The Micah Report, my ruminations on Israel, terror & security and the Middle East as well as politics and world events. Thanks for stopping by.

I've been thinking:
Is Al Jazeera TV Really Terrorist TV?
YES, says the current Iraqi defense minister, Hazem Shaalan, in an interview with the Arabic London newspaper, Ashraq Al Awsat.

HOWEVER, despite the problems that new Iraqi leadership and the US justifiably have with them, no one can deny that Al Jazeera revolutionized the Arab world with their news. Even though it's been banned from Iraq, the 24 hour Arabic news station headquartered in Qatar still scoops almost every story - especially the beheadings of Westerners. Now they even have competition from Al Arabia, a 24 hour network out of Dubai.

As I see it: These networks air criticism of corrupt Arab leadership and expose the Arab world for what it is. They are outside the control of the Arab regimes that would kill them for what they air.
Of course Al Jazeera is against the American presence and uses beheadings to boost ratings. They then become a conduit, a source, from the Middle East to the West.

Of course they slant their pieces and explain the cause of the terrorist. That is their editorial perspective.

No one should be surprised that they emotionally romanticize and lend ideological support to the cause of the terrorists in Iraq and around the world. That is their viewership.

Their viewers despise the West, especially America.
Hundreds of millions of people support the actions of the terrorists.

Al Jazeera reports to those people.

That is freaky

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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