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Abbas:Incentivize Terror
By Micah Halpern

Thursday June 26, 2014

I've Been Thinking:

We have known about the practice for years, but we never knew the figures.

Everyone knew that the Palestinian Authority paid prisoners who were convicted and sitting in Israeli cells. But until the other day when
Naftali Bennett gave the figures, we never knew how much. They are mind boggling.

The PA spends NIS 44 million per month paying prisoners. The message that sends is deeply problematic -- and contrary to the public message Abbas is articulating.

Abbas condemns acts of terror but rewards the terrorists monetarily.

A prisoner convicted and sentenced to 0-10 years in an Israeli jail will receive NIS 4,000/ month. 10-15 years gets NIS 6,000/month. 25-30 years gets NIS 10,000/month and a prisoner sentenced to over 30 years gets NIS 12,000/ month. In addition, each prisoner receives NIS 400 twice a year for incidentals.

Compare that to the average Palestinian police salary of NIS 2,700/ month.

It seems clear that there is a monetary incentive for Palestinians to commit acts of terror - and the greater the terror the greater the reward.

The money paid to the terrorist comes from aid donated to the Palestinian Authority as does almost all the money in the PA budget. So, in the end, it is US money that is paying Palestinian terrorists.
Worse yet, US aid is stimulating terror.

That needs to change. Congress needs to be made aware of this. Naftali Bennett has the right idea.

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4 June 2017 12:13 PM in Thoughts

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