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Hamas Kills 3 Yr Old
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday June 25, 2014

I'm Predicting:

When a three year old baby girl dies it can only be called a tragedy.

Yesterday Hamas launched four rockets at Israel from Gaza. One of the rockets never made it out of Gaza. It landed on a Palestinians house killing the three year old baby and wounding four other member of her family.

The family lived in Beit Lahia which is in the Northern part of Gaza.
Israel responded to the four rockets by striking at the launching source. They hit an arms factory and five rocket launchers.

There will be no justice for the dead three year old Palestinian girl. There will be no cries to arrest those Palestinians who shot the rocket. There will be no investigation in Gaza. No one will be held accountable for her death.

Actually, it would not surprise me if, over the next few days, we hear Hamas blaming Israel for the death, claiming that Israel was responsible for the girl's death. I will not be surprised if Hamas claims that, because the rockets were being launched to defend against Israel, the real culprit is Israel.

If Hamas can claim that Israel murdered this little girl, and if they make that claim stick, they will be absolved of any responsibility and the child will have died a martyr for the cause.

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