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Jordan & Israel at Odds
By Micah Halpern

Thursday October 25, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

Part of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan was an agreement in which Jordan would lease lands to Israel. Those lands included parts of the Arava Desert and a section of the Jordan River with an island in its center called Naharayim.

The 25 year lease is up and Jordan announced that it will not be renewed.

The Jordanian's official and public decision took Israel by surprise - even though Jordan's King Abdullah had made several earlier announcements indicating that he does not intend to carry on with the leasing arrangement.

Israel did not take the King seriously, they did not make the diplomatic effort necessary to squelch this issue. And now they are in trouble.

For Israel, Naharayim, the Jordan River island, is an essential water source.

Adopting an adolescent-like stance, Israel assumed they would deal with it - that it was no big problem. But it is a big problem. The King of Jordan is promising the return of lands to their rightful, original owners.

Israeli diplomatic leadership made a massive miscalculation.

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26 October 2018 09:19 AM in Thoughts

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