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Media Joined Hamas on Oct7
By Micah Halpern

Thursday November 9, 2023
I've Been Thinking:

I was stunned to see video and still photos – IN REAL TIME. of the Hamas Massacre of Jews SHOT BY JOURNALISTS from AP, Reuters, CNN. I did not see NYT material but am told there is also NYT footage.

***Photos of Hamas terrorists taking hostages on golfcarts and motorcycles.
***Photos showing Hamas terrorists burning an Israeli tank.
***Photos showing Hamas terrorists breaking through the border fence with Israel.

We know what that means:
It means that photojournalists had ADVANCE NOTICE OF THE MASSACRE !!!
Did their supervisors and their news desks know ???

This is not a small incident.
Nearly 1500 innocent lives could 5000 wounded 240 kidnapped to get a story ????
Their pictures are nearly identical to the Go-Cam footage taken by Hamas.
It’s like knowing of a murder and choosing to cover it and not telling the police - ONLY 6740 TIMES WORSE.

The photos are real - the question is WHO KNEW ???

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Ripping Down Posters
By Micah Halpern

Thursday November 2, 2023
I've Been Thinking:

The posters of kidnapped Israelis have become another flashpoint in the war between Israel and Hamas.
One group of people putting them up - another taking them down.

Interesting how flyers and posters, relics from the pre-internet age, have not just made a comeback – but they’ve come back with a, quite literal, bang!
There’s a reason for these flyers and posters and photos being such a hot button issue.

Lovers of Israel put the flyers up to tangibly show real examples of Jewish victims of Hamas’ horrible acts of terror.

The other side – Jew haters, are deeply offended – offended and insulted BECAUSE the posters display the reality of true Israeli victims.

For those who hate, Israelis can’t be victims – for those who hate, Jews are the oppressors and the real victims are only those in Gaza and all other Palestinians.

It is a battle of victims. And that explains why supporters of Hamas have hijacked the very same pictures and posters and flyers that they initially tore down and scratched out and replaced the word “Kidnapped” above each photo with the word “Occupier.”

Remember: Who is the real victim in this war.

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