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Putin Invests in Libya
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday November 6, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

You probably don't know this, most people don't, but Libya has been enveloped by a civil war. As a land mass, Libya is enormous, it is three times the size of Texas. It is the Tobruk aka the House of Representatives versus the General National Congress. It may sound purely political, but this is true military warfare.

Who does know about it? Vladimir Putin, for sure.

For years the Russians have been investing money and weapons in order to sway the outcome of the conflict. They are rooting for and supporting the Tobruk. Now -- and I mean right now -- Russia has put specialists with experience on the ground in Libya.

The numbers are, of course, unclear. This is Russia we are dealing with. But we do know that there are dozens of Russian snipers, Russian hardware and at least 200 Russian soldiers. Russian weaponry includes guided missiles and fighter jets. And there are many, many Russian mercenaries. These mercenaries function as a private Russian army and they are extremely useful. Because they are not soldiers, the mercenaries are unshackled and can do things an army cannot do.

Hundreds of drones are being used and they are all operated by people with great experience in civil wars. The Russian soldiers and the mercenaries all came to this war with vast experience gained in Syria.

What is the reason for Russia's interest in Libya? The answer has three letters. O-I-L.

The reserves are immense. Despite the internal conflict, Libya is still pumping 1.3 million barrels of oil per day.

Libya is so close to Europe that it is very important to secure those oil fields.
Moving the oil via pipeline or tanker is simple. Libya sits only 300 miles off the coast of Italy. That means that Libya is a valuable asset to acquire.

Russia knows it. Putin has his eye on the money and the oil. In Libya he can get both for a very tiny investment.

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7 November 2019 08:42 AM in Thoughts

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