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Minority Gov in Israel
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday March 10, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Finally, there is talk about the possibility of a minority government in Israel.

I have been discussing this for months, so I say, it’s about time!
Let me explain.

A minority government is not a very stable government, but neither is a government with a majority of 61. Either way, the government can fall at any time. The principle of a minority government is that the ruling coalition has less than the 61 majority – but it comes with the promise of other members of Knesset that they will not vote against the coalition in the case of a vote of ‘no confidence’.

The life expectancy of such a government is short, but at least it can begin to function.

At this point, both large parties have the ability to create a minority government.

To do so, the Blue/White coalition will depend on 15 members of the Joint Arab list. Several members of that list reject Israel’s right to exist so they are not dependable. Two members of the Blue/White party are against an agreement with the Joint Arab List. They may bolt bringing the Blue/White number to 60.
And if they bolt, that also brings the Likud coalition to 60.

Not enough to fell a government, but enough to swear in a government.

Minority governments have successfully existed in the past in Israel. But they had a purpose. In European parliaments they have also been successful - in the short run. Again, with a purpose.

If the two Blue/White members leave, they will have to create their own, new party. They cannot switch parties – if they do they will not be able to run in the next election cycle.

If nobody switches, or if no agreement for a minority government is reached, Israel is in for a fourth election.

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13 March 2020 12:07 AM in Thoughts

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