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Mossad Got Millions of Covid Masks
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday May 27, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Israel’s clandestine Mossad – translated as “the agency” - secured miraculous amounts of supplies to fight Coronavirus.

80 million masks, 30 tons of disinfectant, 10,000 respirators, 8 million goggles were procured. 142 million more masks are scheduled to arrive over the next few months.

Many of the supplies were made in China. Some were both made in and came from China.

But most of the supplies were procured from countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. How could this happen? It happened because the Mossad, unlike the foreign ministry, has deep relations and interaction with people in many different positions in these countries.

These contacts were developed in order to unite against Iran. And because of those relationships the Mossad was able to secure all that protective gear for Israel.

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28 May 2020 08:59 AM in Thoughts

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