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Russia Expands in Syria
By Micah Halpern

Sunday June 31, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed his defense minister to get approval from Syria for Russia to expand their military foundations there. Truth is, itís really, simply, a pro forma request.

Russia already has two very large permanent positions in Syria. In Latakia they have an airbase and in Tartus they have a naval base. Putin wants to expand these facilities and probably wants to build new ones.

Russia has been in Syria supporting Assad since 2015. The Russians are committed to stability in Syria and they are securing President Bashar Assadís position.

Without Russia, Assad would have fallen.

For this reason alone, Russia will get permission to build and expand within Syria.

The rest of us must carefully watch the interplay between Russia and Syria+.
Syria is the best place for Russia to be if they want to monitor the goings-on in the Middle East and to play a pivotal role in the Middle East. It is a perfect place for them to monitor everything that transpires in the region.

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31 May 2020 11:51 PM in Thoughts

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