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Iran is Close to A Bomb
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday June 16, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Israelís new Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, received a briefing on Iranian nuclear development.

According to sources that were published in the Hebrew press the report was ominous.

Israelís defense intelligence predicts that Iran will have all the components necessary for a sophisticated nuke within the next six months. And then they will be on their way to assembling a bomb. Those same officials suggest that it will take them less than two years.

The job of the Defense Minister is to protect Israel and to advise the Prime Minister on these issues. Gantz was the IDF Chief of Staff. He knows there are risks and threats. But timetables are often simply guesses.

Israel cannot afford to wait and see if the predictions they were given are correct.
They need to stop Iran.

Israel has options Ė but their bottom line is that Iran cannot get an operational nuke.

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16 June 2020 11:03 PM in Thoughts

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