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Jordan COVID Spikes
By Micah Halpern

Monday August 31, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

This past week has seen a huge increase in COVID cases in Jordan which until now, had the virus under control and contained.

Just on Sunday 73 new cases of COVID were reported. That is the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic started.

Thus far, Jordan has only had 15 deaths and 1966 positives since March - so the number 73 is a significant number. Unless they control the contagion quickly, the numbers could exponentially increase daily.

Jordan instituted a nightly curfew, from 11pm to 6 am. Before this, their curfew began ay 1am.

Jordan has also cracked down on movement. Borders are closed and Jordanian authorities are even preventing people from travelling from one city to another.

These are not draconian measures, they are life saving measures.
Joran was successful in keeping people in place which kept down the transmission of the virus. They need to make that happen again.

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1 September 2020 10:10 AM in Thoughts

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