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Iran's New Boats
By Micah Halpern

Monday February 8, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Iranian media has reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has 340 new, small, attack boats.

Some of the boats are from England and they are called Bladerunner.

Some are from China and are called “China Cat”.

Some are from North Korea and are called Taedong -B. These are attack boats with the capability of going under water.

Some of the boats were filmed and photographed. Some had drones attached to them. Others had rocket launchers attached.

Part of the strength of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard comes from their fleet of small boats that travel under the radar. An additional 340 attack boats would be a massive upgrade to their fleet.

But - many analysists are doubting the veracity of the claim as reported by Iranian media. Some doubt that all of the 340 attack boats are new. Others doubt that there are even 340 of them at all.

It might all be a big fake. Iran enjoys the game of intimidation.

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11 February 2021 07:35 AM in Thoughts

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