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Qatar Gives 1,4 Billion to Gaza
By Micah Halpern

Saturday June 5, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Over the past 9 years Qatar has given Gaza $1.4 billion.
The Gazans and the Qataris claim that all the money went to reconstruction. They also claim that Israel is aware of the avenues through which the money arrived to Gaza and where the money went.

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bi Abdulraham bin Jassim al Thani has said that Qatar played important roles as mediator in the region and Qatar wants to continue in those roles. He said that most recently Qatar, together with Egypt, helped mediate between Gaza/Hamas and Israel to achieve the current cease fire.

The problem with aid being given to Gaza is that Hamas takes a cut of everything.

As of now there is no way around Hamas’ strangle hold.
Think of it as a mafia that controls a port. To use the port, you need to pay. Or else.

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8 June 2021 12:01 AM in Thoughts

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