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Israel Helps Surfside
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday June 30, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

The head of the IDF search and rescue team is Colonel Gidon Vach.

Vach spoke to a US media outlet and explained what the Israeli team is doing in Surfside and the value added by having Israelis on the ground at the site of The Champlain South building collapse.

Colonel Vach has been working search and rescue missions for more than 20 years. When speaking of the Surfside rescue operation he said: "It's one of the most difficult and complicated situations that I've ever seen."

He said that while one should never lose hope, you also have to be honest and there is “no chance” for finding survivors.

Vach described the 3-D model of The Champlain that Israel created even before arriving on the scene. He explained that the team is looking for bedrooms because people were asleep at the time of the collapse.

He also explained that the Israeli team replicated the collapse to determine how the building fell and then he said: "Our purpose is to get the first responder to understand, where exactly is he digging?"

That’s important. This way rescuers do not waste time and energy digging and removing rubble. Instead, they can target their dig so as to find people and bodies.

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2 July 2021 05:25 PM in Thoughts

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