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Iran Electric Blackouts
By Micah Halpern

Friday July 2, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Widespread electrical blackouts are crippling Iran.
The heat is excessive, air conditioners are running round the clock, people are staying indoors and they are one their computers.

This story was first covered by Iran International, a TV and web media outlet out of London. The outlet is trying to present balanced, insightful coverage of Iran.
Large parts of the Iranian capital Tehran and parts of Karaj, a city west of Tehran, as well as other, smaller, cities were plunged into darkness. Iranian leaders are announcing that there will be more blackouts.

But this widespread blackout, which started at 11:00 pm Saturday night, was not part of the scheduled power cuts that Iran has experienced in recent months due to insufficient electricity generation and rising demand. In some parts of Tehran the power outage continued until 5 am Sunday.

An unexpected and long power cut in mid-summer high temperatures could create discomfort in apartments where air conditioning is essential, as well as unforeseen problems in hospitals. The scheduled power cut was supposed to take place only between 8-10 pm on Saturday.

Iranís power consumption this summer has topped 60,000 megawatts per day. That is more than a ten percent increase in power consumption compared to last year. Meanwhile, electricity generation in Iran has remained the same at 50,000-56,000 megawatts.

None of this bodes well for the people of Iran.

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6 July 2021 10:12 AM in Thoughts

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