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Israel Vaccinating 60 & Older
By Micah Halpern

Saturday July 31, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel is beginning a third round of vaccinations for people over 60. The decision to vaccinate was made in order to avoid a fourth country-wide lockdown.

In a televised press conference Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Israelis :
“Our goal is to keep the State of Israel open … But we must understand that there is a race between the vaccine campaign and the pandemic. We must make sure the vaccinations rate beats the pandemic's spread. We all have the shared obligation to protect one another. Go get vaccinated!"

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, who turns 61 in September, was the first Israeli to receive the booster shot as part of the campaign.
Bennett said that he will accompany his 78-year-old mother Myrna when she gets her jab.

The prime minister explained the efficacy of the third dose saying: "Within a few days of receiving the third dose, [the vaccine] comes into effect and provides protection. I urge seniors who have been vaccinated with the second dose — go get vaccinated with the third dose. It will protect you from serious illness and death."

The essential point he was making is that you may get sick, but with the vaccine you are not going to die. And that is what is important.

If the campaign works as Israel is hoping, the country will not need to shut down. And that means the economy can continue to rebuild itself.

To answer the most asked question, tourism will not spring back up. Open borders are not immediately on the agenda.

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1 August 2021 10:24 PM in Thoughts

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