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S Korea Paid UN Dues for Iran
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday January 26, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

South Korea paid $18 million to the United Nations. The $18 million was to cover the cost of Iranís dues. Iran was $18 million in arrears.

Being in arrears is nothing new for Iran. They are annually delinquent in paying their membership dues.

Sanctions that have been placed on Iran make it very difficult for them to meet their international commitments. To accommodate, the United States relaxed restrictions and permitted the release of $7 billion dollars from Iranian accounts that were in South Korean banks. The money was released specifically in order for Iran to pay debts - like the dues owed to the UN.

The South Korean Ministry of Finance confirmed the payment to the UN in Iranís name. The statement from South Korea read: ďIranís right to vote at the General Assembly is expected to be restored immediately with the paymentĒ.

Itís all part of a game called international diplomacy.

Iran really needed their status restored in the UN.

Iran really wants to be a world leader and you cannot be a world leader if you are locked out of the United Nations.

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30 January 2022 03:11 PM in Thoughts

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