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Merkel in Auschwitz
By Micah Halpern

Friday December 6, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

On Friday morning German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Auschwitz.

This was her first ever trip to Auschwitz and the third time a German head of state has visited. Merkel has visited other camps and has visited Yad VaShem which is Israel's Holocaust Museum located in Jerusalem.

The visit is significant. Auschwitz is the "camp of camps". It was at Auschwitz that the Nazi murder factory was most efficient, it was there that the Nazis murdered 1.1 million people.

That Germany has acknowledging their responsibly for the murder of the Jews of Europe, is an essential act. The Chancellor's visit to Auschwitz clearly broadcasts that message to all those who question the Holocaust.

In addition to her visit, Merkel committed an additional $60 million to maintain and preserve exhibits in the Auschwitz Museum. This brings the total gift of the German government to $120 million, all earmarked for preserving evidence that has been deteriorating over time.

Auschwitz impacts everyone. It is hard to imagine a single place where an industry of death was created in order to murder so many people, in such a short time, for no reason - other than being Jewish.

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8 December 2019 10:31 AM in Thoughts

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