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125 Iranian Bases in Syria
By Micah Halpern

Monday August 10, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Iran has 125 army bases in Syria.

This information is documented by a Turkish research institute named Jusoor.
Their study shows that Iran has established itself as a significant presence all over Syria.

Iran is filling the vacuum left by Russia and the United States and are they are shaping Syrian defense systems.

Many of Iran’s bases in Syria were set up very close to Israel’s borders. The region of Deraa has 37 bases. There are 22 around Damascus and 15 around Aleppo.

From Israel’s perspective, most troubling of all are the 5 Iranian bases around Quientra.

Quinetra is a city in the Golan Heights, right on the border of Israel. If each of these bases has just 100 Iranian troops, that means they have 12,500 troops right next to Israel.

Like Israel, Turkey does not want an Iranian presence in Syria. In Syria, Iran is only interested in building and in extending their control.

Iran is creating a “land bridge” from Iran through Iraq and then into Syria and to the Mediterranean Sea. From there they have access to Europe.
And that is their goal.

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11 August 2020 10:23 AM in Thoughts

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