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Balloons & Kites Return as Weapons
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday August 11, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Balloons and kites have started over 30 fires in Israel over the past day.
How is that possible?

These incendiary flying weapons have retuned as an inexpensive and effective tool by terrorists from Hamas in Gaza.

Terrorists attach an incendiary device with a timer to a balloon or kite. They then launch the kite or balloon. When timer ends, the fire begins consuming the balloon and it falls into Israel. If times correctly and the device is still burning, it ignites the fields or crops or orchards where it has landed and burns them.

This low-tech weapon was very common in 2018. They are very difficult to defend against and cost less than a single dollar to build and launch.

A jet or helicopter gunship is useless against this low tech device. Radar does not work. Snipers can try to shoot them before they cross the border, but that is both very difficult and inefficient and a bullet will not bring down a kite.

Israel has found a solution, however. They used it in 2018 and they will use it again in 2020. A special team of volunteer drone operators fly their drones into the kites and balloons.

The IDF will bring back the drones.

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12 August 2020 05:24 PM in Thoughts

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