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Elections in Iran June 18
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday February 23, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Most people have not marked the date on their calendars, but on June 18th there will be a presidential election in Iran.

The present government, which is run by “moderate” Rouhani will be replaced by – who knows. The field is full of conservatives. Included in the roster of contenders is Irani’s current Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif.

It is too soon to predict the outcome of the election for two simple reasons.
Reason number one is that the Supreme Leader has not yet made his opinion public. And as we all know, in the end it is The Grand Ayatollah who decides who wins an election.

Reason number two is that the only issue of significance in Iran right now is the nuclear question which is all about sanctions and the economy. Until the Biden administration puts their plan of action into play, neither the candidates nor current
Iranian leadership will be able to respond.
We must all be patient and wait.

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25 February 2021 11:37 AM in Thoughts

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